SMU Studycentro Suite

SMU Studycentro Suite technology has been designed to run SMU Studycenter operations more efficiently and provide improved management and student service.


Overview videos and screenshots.

Watch this movie to learn about SMU Studycentro! Meet Sathis , end-users in dire need of technical help. This video provides a fun overview of the SMU Studycentro experience.Try your hands on the product now.

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So many features.
So easy to use.

The extensive feature set of the SMU Studycentro - study center managemnet software addresses critical Enquiry and student support areas, including: Student Enquiry track, Student Admission track and Grievance.

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Online Demo.

SMU Studycentro right here with full online access to a demo environment. Explore the user-friendly program yourself as an administrator, end-user to learn about its intuitive features and functionalities. Visit our online demo.

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SMU Studycentro Features
The software is compatible on LAN as well as on WEB.
Client Server Architecture
Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.
It is multi user, multi University package.
It is completely user friendly Study center management software.
Generates different types of reports
Ultimately maintains efficient management through systematic functioning
Single database management system.
Reduction of Administrative Costs
Reduce Administrative workload
Increase work flow in the system.
Rapid searching of database
Save time
Save manpower
Increasing efficiency in work
Results in substantial cost savings
Improve & Streamline Work / Process
Information Flow within the Organization
Reduced Errors and Duplication of Works
Consolidation of Information
SMU Studycentro Modules
Enquiry Management
Enquires are the source of Growing business in any areas of life.If you find it difficult to track your Enquiry/Admission and related Enquiry/Admission activities & loose Enquiry/Admission because of poor follow up, then Studycentro software is must for your Institute.

An Admission starts with an opportunity which is in fact the result of extensive groundwork. A well managed opportunity always is a very good prospect for Admission. Studycentro helps in managing all the opportunities in an organized and systematic manner. Studycentro maps the opportunities directly to the documents/emails and their related activities in real time.

The Enquiry Management Module is one such module of Studycentro that captures, collates and manages all such information needed to service a prospective student/trainee with respect to her enquiry.
Enquiry Management helps in
Provides effective control over Admission Enquiry follow up/activities
Increases your hold over the Admission opportunities
Manages all enquiry documents/activities at one place
Automates reporting
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Application Management
This module helps you track the total applications sale, and year, course, candidate details.
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Admission Management
Add admission In this module you can enroll a student admission for your institutes to a particular University. Here you can add student course, stream, year and contact details. Also you can upload student image. This module is customized for all university according to its admission prospectus.
Admission list: This module helps you figure out your entire student list of your institutes. a customized search option also available with this module. Here you can search students by university name, course name, year name, etc.
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Fees Management
Fees module is covers all cash flow of your institute. You can create number of fees masters which you collect from the students. You can add like University fee, Institute fee, and Examination fee. You need to feed the details of course fee, Application fee, Examination fee and its time of collection. So, It indicates in each students payment history on their respective page. Also you can track mode of fee collection, i.e., case, DD, cheque, with their Bank details.
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Book Management
This module keeps record of your institute book bank income and out going. At the time of books come from the University you can enter receiving book details in the student received menu. When the book issues to the students you can create record by Received by, Date and pending books if any. This helps you to list out the pending books and to get the books from the Univeristy. This module keeps record of your institute book bank income and out going. At the time of books come from the University you can enter receiving book details in the student received menu. When the book issues to the students you can create record by Received by, Date and pending books if any. This helps you to list out the pending books and to get the books from the Univeristy.
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Users Management
User management is a security system to access to your database. It consists new login create option and giving rights to the user for access the modules which are given by the admin.
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Mark Management
This module is used to record the students mark details. You can create course wise subject masters. Also you can create Internal marks, External marks modules. For Internal assessment marks you can add seminar class marks, assignment marks, and etc.
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Attendance Management
This module is used to store the attendance registration of the students. Previously you should given the all course schedule to the class master.
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Expenses Management
This module is used to track your institute chase flow. This module is used to store all your office expenses. You can add no of Expenses Masters like Institute staffs salary, Phone bill, Electricity bill, Day to day expenses and record their expenses. Here the option is used to search any day expenses, prepare expenses Report for a month/ particular two dates interval Expenses. Alternatively this is petty chase management system for your institute.
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User Reminder
This module is used to store your entire work schedule. You can add important schedule, meeting in this module. Also you can add work task on particular date like Last date for Tuition fees, Last date for exam fees, exam schedule. You can see any day work task from it.
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Assignment Module
Assignment module used to create records of receiving assignments from the students. You need to create subject masters for all subjects’ assignment you receiving. This is useful on the time of internal mark assessment
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Grievance Module
This is complaint module. You can record all the complaints from the students. This is module is designed for customer service improvement. You can add every students grievance like Change of Address, Id Card Missing, Book Balance.
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